This Week's Sermon

You probably know the childrens' song about Zaccheus, but have you learned what he learned from climbing up in that sycamore tree? 

We teach the song to kids because we know that they aren't as tall as the rest of us, and we know that it's easy for them to feel overlooked, unimportant, or like they don't belong. 

As we encounter Zaccheus' story this week, we'll try to recognize ourselves in the story too:

  • How we too sometimes struggle to see Jesus because there are too many people between us and him;
  • How we sometimes feel left out, but Jesus sees us, speaks to us, and comes into our lives;
  • How we feel like our past keeps us from God, but when we seek to make it right, Jesus says, "Today, salvation has come to this house." 

Join us as we seek to soak in this good news!