Worship without walls

Every time we worship, we say that we "Go forth to serve," but every so often shorten the part of our service

that we do in the sanctuary so that we can work together in service of our community.  

We dress to work, and when we're finished, we come back together for a meal.  

Check out the projects that we'll be doing on Sunday, May 1!

Landscaping & Clean-up

(1) Shannon Primary SchoolLeader: Steven Blaylock

There is a park behind Shannon Primary School that needs some basic maintenance -- small limb removal, raking, etc.  

Tools to Bring: Gloves, rakes, hoes, shovels, wheel-barrows, etc.  


(2) Pettey Cemetery – Leader: Mike Mask

Help clean up the parts of Pettey Cemetery that have become a bit overgrown.  This includes removal of new growth, limb removal, weed-eating, trimming, etc. Work here will likely be slightly more involved than at the Primary School.  

Tools to Bring: Gloves, shovels, weed-eaters, chainsaws, hoes, etc.  

Health Kits

Leader: Vicky Burleson

A clean towel, a bar of soap, and a toothbrush can make a big impact in times of crises.  Help us put together about 200 kits of personal care items to be sent to people in the wake of disasters.


Supplies will be provided

Care Bags

(1) "I Am Loved" Bags - Leader: Katie Foster

When children are picked up by the Department of Human Services, they often only bring with them the clothes that they are wearing. This group, which will include some of our elementary school aged children, will be decorating and packing bags that include a blanket and other items to comfort a child in the midst of disruption.

Supplies will be provided.

(2) Chemo Bags - Leader: Becky Fish
Our Preteens class will be working off-site to put together bags to care for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Others are welcome to join them.  

Supplies will be provided.

Love in a Bag

Leader: Jeny Odom

Families and friends of patients in the Critical Care Unit often desire to spend as much time as they can near their loved ones. We'll pack lunches to take to the waiting room to provide a meal to them so they don't have to worry with what to eat or how to pay for it.  

Supplies will be provided.


Leader: Chris Gurner

The Youth will be doing some litter clean-up around the community, and then plan to move to Brewer Grocery to provide "full-service" care to anyone looking for a fill-up.  

Supplies will be provided.


Community Center - Leader: Roy Burleson

As the board of the Community Center (home of our famous fish fries) continues to update the facility, they've asked if we could help repaint the walls. We'll need 4 or five people to trim and roll. Some painting experience is helpful.  

Supplies will be provided.

Carpentry & Other Semi-Skilled Jobs

Leaders: Several (contact Chad Bowen)

There are a few tasks around the church, the community center and in the community that need to be done. If you have some carpentry skills or are a handy assistant, offer your services!